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Virtual Realtime Information Systems

Moving to Cloud-based Building Management


Michael R. Lavelle P.E., Lavelle Energy LLC


Kimon ONUMA FAIA, ONUMA Systems Inc.


Virtual Realtime Information Systems (VRIS) is an application of cloud-computing. Communications is via the Internet between in-building micro-servers and remotely hosted shared servers, supplied and managed by third party virtual server vendors. Cloud-computing simplifies deployment where one to thousands of servers can be enabled in minutes for huge scaling.

VRIS leverages the ONUMA System BIMStorm® cloud computing design processes, making possible realtime multi-discipline building industry collaboration. VRIS also uses the Virtual Realtime Operating Center (vROC) developed by Lavelle Energy that connects object data from building sensors and uses open standards for monitoring and analysis. vROC can run hundreds(+) of realtime building information feeds to hundreds(+) of users simultaneously.

The ONUMA System + vROC combination, VRIS, is the ultra realtime BIM and energy management platform. This unprecedented capability to view and manage building performance lets participants manage thousands of buildings from separate Internet connections anywhere in the world. VRIS enables Smart Buildings.

VRIS supplements and enhances building systems by providing near-realtime information about building environment and energy performance. It uses web browsers and applications like Google Earth, to enable timely access to building operating data. VRIS is sufficiently robust that key building operating data can be continuously captured and analyzed using cloud-based applications.

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